Skyrim Enchantment ID List

Below is a searchable list of all Skyrim enchanting codes for use with potions, items, armor, robes, staffs, spells and more. These IDs are commonly used in console commands such as PlayerCreatePotion and PlayerEnchantObject.

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Enchantment Name Enchantment ID Type
AbOnFire 0010F5A6 Miscellaneous
Absorb Health 000AA155 Weapon
Absorb Health 0010F220 Miscellaneous
Absorb Magicka 000AA156 Weapon
Absorb Magicka 0010F221 Miscellaneous
Absorb Magicka 000954D6 Miscellaneous
Absorb Stamina 000AA157 Weapon
Absorb Stamina 0010F21F Miscellaneous
Additional Werewolf Transformation 000F82FF Miscellaneous
Agent of Dibella 000728BF Miscellaneous
Agent of Mara 000CC798 Miscellaneous
Ancano's Sparks 000C28F4 Miscellaneous
Ancestor's Wrath 000B8F30 Miscellaneous
Ancient Knowledge 0010FDD7 Miscellaneous
Ancient Knowledge 0010EB61 Miscellaneous
Animal Allegiance 1 0009E0C8 Miscellaneous
Animal Allegiance 2 0009E0CA Miscellaneous
Animal Allegiance 3 0009E0CB Miscellaneous
Animal Damage 00101BDC Weapon
Apply Perk 000F5FF6 Miscellaneous
Armor - Dragonhide 000CDB75 Miscellaneous
Armor - Ebony 00059B7C Miscellaneous
Armor - Iron 00059B7B Miscellaneous
Armor - Oak 000B3C9E Miscellaneous
Armor - Oak 00051B15 Miscellaneous
Armor - Stone 00059B7A Miscellaneous
Armor 30 Perk bonus 00104AB5 Miscellaneous
Armor 50 Perk bonus 00104ABA Miscellaneous
Armor 70 Perk bonus 00104AB9 Miscellaneous
Articulation 000F6906 Miscellaneous
AtronachFlameTrail 00060DA1 Miscellaneous
AtronachFrost fx 00104D4A Miscellaneous
AtronachStormFX 0007F423 Miscellaneous
Aura Whisper 0010E4FD Miscellaneous
Aura Whisper - Exterior 0010319E Miscellaneous
Aura Whisper - Interior 0008AFCB Miscellaneous
Avoid Death 000A3F62 Miscellaneous
Backstab 000FF15C Armor
Bane of the Undead 000FEE39 Miscellaneous
Bane of the Undead 000C5C0A Miscellaneous
BaneUndeadBodyArtHolder 000E755A Miscellaneous
Banish 000ACBB5 Weapon
Banish 0006F951 Miscellaneous
Banish 0006D22B Miscellaneous
Banish - Damage Health 000173DC Weapon
Banish Summoned 000D799D Miscellaneous
Banish/Command Daedra Push 0006D22D Miscellaneous
Battle Cry 000E40C2 Miscellaneous
Beast Form 000F8209 Miscellaneous
Beast Form 00092C45 Miscellaneous
Beloved - Master of the Mind 0009E0BD Miscellaneous
Berserk 000E40BF Miscellaneous
Blank 0010D4BD Miscellaneous
Blank 000EB7EA Miscellaneous
Bleeding 000F4578 Miscellaneous
Bleeding Damage 000C367A Miscellaneous
Blind 00052FF3 Miscellaneous
Blizzard 000B79FE Miscellaneous
Blizzard 100 0007E8E2 Miscellaneous
Blizzard 25 00066335 Miscellaneous
Blizzard 65 00066334 Miscellaneous
Blizzard Hazard 20 000B79FC Miscellaneous
Blizzard Hazard 30 000B79FD Miscellaneous
BlizzardBodyArtHolder 000B92CD Miscellaneous
Blood Thirst 000C4DDE Miscellaneous
Boethiah's Embrace 00081182 Miscellaneous
Boethiah's Shadow 00081181 Miscellaneous
Bound Axe 0001CE9E Miscellaneous
Bound Battleaxe FX 000C5BE0 Miscellaneous
Bound Bow 0001CEA0 Miscellaneous
Bound Bow FX 000C5BE1 Miscellaneous
Bound Sword 000BA30F Miscellaneous
Bound Sword 000B3CA2 Miscellaneous
Bound Sword 0001CE9F Miscellaneous
Bound Sword FX 00069CE6 Miscellaneous
Brelyna's Practice Spell 00106B11 Miscellaneous
Brelyna's Practice Spell 000EA5EB Miscellaneous
Briarheart Lifeforce 0010C4EB Miscellaneous
Bromjunaar's Mystery 000F8475 Miscellaneous
Burning 0010A285 Miscellaneous
Burning 000E6060 Miscellaneous
Call Dragon Effect 000FEAD1 Miscellaneous
Call Dragon Effect 00049454 Miscellaneous
Call of the Wild 000CB12C Miscellaneous
Call Of The Wild 1 000E5F6B Miscellaneous
Call Of The Wild 2 000E5F6A Miscellaneous
Call Of The Wild 3 000E5F69 Miscellaneous
Call Of Valor Visual FX 0001A1EF Miscellaneous
Call Storm 000E3F0A Miscellaneous
Call Storm 000E3F09 Miscellaneous
Call Storm 000D5E81 Miscellaneous
Calm 0004DEE7 Miscellaneous
Candlelight 000B3C9C Miscellaneous
Candlelight 0001EA6C Miscellaneous
CG Dragon Storm Call 000B2389 Miscellaneous
CG Dragon Storm Call Self 000B238A Miscellaneous
Chain Lightning 0010192B Miscellaneous
Chain Lightning 0005DBAE Miscellaneous
Champion of the Night 000F5B55 Miscellaneous
Channeling Beam 000F82B5 Miscellaneous