Skyrim Playerenchantobject Command

General Information

This command spawns a new item (relative to the specified item ID) with the specified enchantment(s) and adds it to your character's inventory.


playerenchantobject [item id] [enchantment id] [enchantment id]

Item IDThe base ID (item ID) of the item you wish to enchant and add to your inventory. See item IDs.
Enchantment IDThe ID of the enchantment you wish to add to the item.
Enchantment IDOptional. The ID of a second enchantment to add to the new item.


playerenchantobject 0007E5C3 0007A0FE

The ID for a Nightingale Bow is 000ACB8D. This command would add the enchantment "Fortify Archery" (ID 0007A0FE) to a nightingale bow and add it to your character's inventory.