Skyrim Spell and Shout ID List

Below is a searchable table of all spell IDs from the latest version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC / Mac (Steam). Spell IDs include shout IDs, tome IDs, disease IDs, active effect IDs and more.

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Spell Name Spell ID Type
Adrenaline Rush 000E40CE Power
Agent of Dibella 0010A766 Active Effect
Ancestor's Wrath 000E40D4 Power
Ancient Knowledge 0010EB60 Active Effect
Animal Allegiance - Mir [Allegiance] 00060292 Word
Animal Allegiance - Raan [Animal] 00060291 Word
Animal Allegiance - Tah [Pack] 00060293 Word
Arniel's Convection 0006A104 Spell - Destruction
Ataxia 000B877C Disease
Ataxia 0010A24A Disease
Aura Whisper - Laas [Life] 00060294 Word
Aura Whisper - Nir [Hunt] 00060296 Word
Aura Whisper - Yah [Seek] 00060295 Word
Bane of the Undead 0008C1AB Spell - Restoration
Banish Daedra 0006D22C Spell - Conjuration
Battle Cry 000E40C3 Power
Battle Fury - Mid [Loyal] Dragonborn DLC Code + 0200E4 Word
Battle Fury - Shaan [Inspire] Dragonborn DLC Code + 0200E6 Word
Battle Fury - Vur [Valor] Dragonborn DLC Code + 0200E5 Word
Beast Form 00092C48 Power
Become Ethereal - Feim [Fade] 00032917 Word
Become Ethereal - Gron [Bind] 00032919 Word
Become Ethereal - Zii [Spirit] 00032918 Word
Bend Will - Dov [Dragon] Dragonborn DLC Code + 0179DB Word
Bend Will - Gol [Earth] Dragonborn DLC Code + 0179D9 Word
Bend Will - Hah [Mind] Dragonborn DLC Code + 0179DA Word
Berserker Rage 000AA026 Power
Blessing of Akatosh 000FB988 Active Effect
Blessing of Arkay 000FB994 Active Effect
Blessing of Auriel Dawnguard DLC Code + 011360 Active Effect
Blessing of Dibella 000FB995 Active Effect
Blessing of Julianos 000FB996 Active Effect
Blessing of Kynareth 000FB997 Active Effect
Blessing of Mara 000FB998 Active Effect
Blessing of Nocturnal 0010E8AE Active Effect
Blessing of Stendarr 000FB999 Active Effect
Blessing of Talos 000FB99A Active Effect
Blessing of Zenithar 000FB99B Active Effect
Blizzard 0007E8E4 Spell - Destruction
Blood of the Ancients Dawnguard DLC Code + 01419B Active Effect
Bone Break Fever 000B877E Disease
Bone Break Fever 0010A24C Disease
Bound Battleaxe 000211EC Spell - Conjuration
Bound Bow 000211ED Spell - Conjuration
Bound Sword 000211EB Spell - Conjuration
Brain Rot 000B877F Disease
Brain Rot 0010A24D Disease
Call Dragon - Ah [Hunter] 00046B8A Word
Call Dragon - Od [Snow] 00046B89 Word
Call Dragon - Viing [Wing] 00046B8B Word
Call of Valor - Hun [Hero] 00051960 Word
Call of Valor - Kaal [Champion] 00051961 Word
Call of Valor - Zoor [Legend] 00051962 Word
Call to Arms 0007E8DD Spell - Illusion
Calm 0004DEE9 Spell - Illusion
Candlelight 00043324 Spell - Alteration
Chain Lightning 00045F9D Spell - Destruction
Champion of the Night 000F5B54 Active Effect
Circle of Protection 0005312D Spell - Restoration
Clairvoyance 00021143 Spell - Illusion
Claws 000AA01E Active Effect
Clear Skies - Koor [Summer] 0003CD33 Word
Clear Skies - Lok [Sky] 0003CD31 Word
Clear Skies - Vah [Spring] 0003CD32 Word
Close Wounds 000B62EF Spell - Restoration
Command Animal 000E40CF Power
Command Daedra 0006F953 Spell - Conjuration
Conjure Boneman Dawnguard DLC Code + 0045BA Spell - Conjuration
Conjure Dragon Priest 0010FC16 Spell - Conjuration
Conjure Dremora Lord 0010DDEC Spell - Conjuration
Conjure Familiar 000640B6 Spell - Conjuration
Conjure Flame Atronach 000204C3 Spell - Conjuration
Conjure Frost Atronach 000204C4 Spell - Conjuration
Conjure Mistman Dawnguard DLC Code + 0045B8 Spell - Conjuration
Conjure Storm Atronach 000204C5 Spell - Conjuration
Conjure Wrathman Dawnguard DLC Code + 0045B3 Spell - Conjuration
Courage 0004DEE8 Spell - Illusion
Cyclone - Gaar [Unleash] Dragonborn DLC Code + 0200C3 Word
Cyclone - Nos [Strike] Dragonborn DLC Code + 0200C4 Word
Cyclone - Ven [Wind] Dragonborn DLC Code + 0200C2 Word
Dead Thrall 0007E8DF Spell - Conjuration
Detect Dead 000211EF Spell - Alteration
Detect Life 000211EE Spell - Alteration
Disarm - Haal [Hand] 0005FB96 Word
Disarm - Viik [Defeat] 0005FB97 Word
Disarm - Zun [Weapon] 0005FB95 Word
Dismay - Faas [Fear] 0003291A Word
Dismay - Maar [Terror] 0003291C Word
Dismay - Ru [Run] 0003291B Word
Dragon Aspect - Diiv [Wyrm] Dragonborn DLC Code + 01DF95 Word
Dragon Aspect - Mul [Strength] Dragonborn DLC Code + 01DF93 Word
Dragon Aspect - Qah [Armor] Dragonborn DLC Code + 01DF94 Word
Dragon Infusion 000F5FFA Active Effect
Dragonhide 000CDB70 Spell - Alteration
Dragonrend - Frul [Temporary] 00044253 Word
Dragonrend - Joor [Mortal] 00044251 Word
Dragonrend - Zah [Finite] 00044252 Word
Dragonskin 000AA022 Power
Drain Vitality - Gaan [Stamina] Dawnguard DLC Code + 008A65 Word
Drain Vitality - Haas [Health] Dawnguard DLC Code + 008A63 Word
Drain Vitality - Lah [Magicka] Dawnguard DLC Code + 008A64 Word
Dread Cloak 000ED0A9 Power
Dread Zombie 00096D95 Spell - Conjuration
Ebonyflesh 0005AD5E Spell - Alteration
Elemental Fury - Dun [Grace] 0003291F Word
Elemental Fury - Grah [Battle] 0003291E Word
Elemental Fury - Su [Air] 0003291D Word
Embrace of Shadows 00088821 Power
Equilibrium 000DA746 Spell - Alteration
Eternal Spirit 000E827D Active Effect
Expel Daedra 0006F952 Spell - Conjuration
Fast Healing 0002F3B8 Spell - Restoration
Father's Love Hearthfire DLC Code + 002F54 Active Effect
Fear 0004DEEA Spell - Illusion
Fire Breath - Shul [Sun] 00020E19 Word
Fire Breath - Toor [Inferno] 00020E18 Word
Fire Breath - Yol [Fire] 00020E17 Word
Fire Rune 0005DB90 Spell - Destruction
Fire Storm 0007A82B Spell - Destruction
Fireball 0001C789 Spell - Destruction
Firebolt 00012FD0 Spell - Destruction
Flame Cloak 0003AE9F Spell - Destruction
Flame Thrall 0007E5D5 Spell - Conjuration
Flames 00012FCD Spell - Destruction
Flaming Familiar 0009CE26 Spell - Conjuration
Force Without Effort 000E8281 Active Effect
Frenzy 0004DEEE Spell - Illusion
Frost Breath - Diin [Freeze] 0005D16E Word
Frost Breath - Fo [Frost] 0005D16C Word
Frost Breath - Krah [Cold] 0005D16D Word
Frost Cloak 0003AEA2 Spell - Destruction
Frost Rune 0006796F Spell - Destruction
Frost Thrall 0007E5D6 Spell - Conjuration
Frostbite 0002B96B Spell - Destruction
Fury 0004DEEB Spell - Illusion
Grand Healing 000B62EE Spell - Restoration
Greater Ward 000211F0 Spell - Restoration
Guardian Circle 000E0CCF Spell - Restoration
Harmony 0007E8DB Spell - Illusion
Heal Other 00012FD2 Spell - Restoration
Heal Undead Dawnguard DLC Code + 00E8D4 Spell - Restoration
Healing 00012FCC Spell - Restoration
Healing Hands 0004D3F2 Spell - Restoration
Highborn 000E40C8 Power
Histskin 000E40D5 Power
Homecooked Meal 000F5FF8 Active Effect
Hysteria 0007E8DE Spell - Illusion
Ice Form - Iiz [Ice] 000602A3 Word
Ice Form - Nus [Statue] 000602A5 Word
Ice Form - Slen [Flesh] 000602A4 Word
Ice Spike 0002B96C Spell - Destruction
Ice Storm 00045F9C Spell - Destruction
Icy Spear 0010F7EC Spell - Destruction
Imperial Luck 000EB7EB Active Effect
Incinerate 0010F7ED Spell - Destruction
Invisibility 00027EB6 Spell - Illusion
Ironflesh 00051B16 Spell - Alteration
Kyne's Peace - Drem [Peace] 0006029E Word
Kyne's Peace - Kaan [Kyne] 0006029D Word
Kyne's Peace - Ov [Trust] 0006029F Word
Lesser Ward 00013018 Spell - Restoration
Lightning Bolt 0002DD29 Spell - Destruction
Lightning Cloak 0003AEA3 Spell - Destruction
Lightning Rune 00067970 Spell - Destruction
Lightning Storm 0007E8E5 Spell - Destruction
Lover's Comfort 000CDA1D Active Effect
Magelight 00043323 Spell - Alteration
Magic Resistance 000AA01F Active Effect
Marked For Death - Aus [Suffer] 00060299 Word
Marked For Death - Krii [Kill] 00060297 Word
Marked For Death - Lun [Leech] 00060298 Word
Mass Paralysis 000B62E6 Spell - Alteration
Mayhem 0007E8DA Spell - Illusion
Mother's Love Hearthfire DLC Code + 004292 Active Effect
Muffle 0008F3EB Spell - Illusion
Necromantic Healing Dawnguard DLC Code + 00E8D2 Spell - Restoration
Night Eye 000AA01D Power
Nightingale Strife 000F1987 Power
Nightingale Subterfuge 000F1986 Power
Nightstalker's Footsteps 0010F1E7 Active Effect
Oakflesh 0005AD5C Spell - Alteration
Pacify 0004DEED Spell - Illusion
Paralyze 0005AD5F Spell - Alteration
Raise Zombie 0007E8E1 Spell - Conjuration
Rally 0004DEEC Spell - Illusion
Rattles 000B8781 Disease
Rattles 0010A24E Disease
Reanimate Corpse 00065BD7 Spell - Conjuration
Repel Lesser Undead 0004D3F8 Spell - Restoration
Repel Undead 0005DD60 Spell - Restoration
Resist Disease 000ED0A8 Active Effect
Resist Disease 000F5BA0 Active Effect
Resist Disease 00104ACF Active Effect
Resist Disease and Poison 000AA025 Active Effect
Resist Fire 000AA021 Active Effect
Resist Frost 000ED09E Active Effect
Resist Frost 0002E1C3 Active Effect
Resist Frost 000ED099 Active Effect
Resist Frost 000ED09D Active Effect
Resist Frost 000AA020 Active Effect
Resist Poison 0010FB30 Active Effect
Resist Poison 000AA023 Active Effect
Revenant 00096D94 Spell - Conjuration
Ring of Hircine 000F8306 Power
Rockjoint 000B8782 Disease
Rockjoint 0010A24F Disease
Rout 0004DEEF Spell - Illusion
Sailor's Repose 000D397F Active Effect
Sanguinare Vampiris 000B8780 Disease
Shadowcloak of Nocturnal 00017122 Power
Sinderion's Serendipity 0010BF09 Active Effect
Slow Time - Klo [Sand] 00048ACB Word
Slow Time - Tiid [Time] 00048ACA Word
Slow Time - Ul [Eternity] 00048ACC Word
Soul Tear - Rii [Essence] Dawnguard DLC Code + 007CB7 Word
Soul Tear - Vaaz [Tear] Dawnguard DLC Code + 007CB8 Word
Soul Tear - Zol [Zombie] Dawnguard DLC Code + 007CB9 Word
Soul Trap 0004DBA4 Spell - Conjuration
Sparks 0002DD2A Spell - Destruction
Spectral Arrow 000AB23D Spell - Conjuration
Steadfast Ward 000211F1 Spell - Restoration
Stendarr's Aura Dawnguard DLC Code + 0038B5 Spell - Restoration
Stoneflesh 0005AD5D Spell - Alteration
Storm Call - Bah [Wrath] 0006029B Word
Storm Call - Qo [Lightning] 0006029C Word
Storm Call - Strun [Storm] 0006029A Word
Storm Thrall 0007E5D7 Spell - Conjuration
Summon Arniel's Shade 0006A153 Spell - Conjuration
Summon Arvak Dawnguard DLC Code + 00C600 Spell - Conjuration
Summon Durnehviir - Dur [Curse] Dawnguard DLC Code + 0030D4 Word
Summon Durnehviir - Neh [Never] Dawnguard DLC Code + 0030D6 Word
Summon Durnehviir - Viir [Dying] Dawnguard DLC Code + 0030D7 Word
Summon Spectral Assassin 000618C6 Power
Sun Fire Dawnguard DLC Code + 003F52 Spell - Restoration
Tainted Blood of the Ancients Dawnguard DLC Code + 0149A7 Active Effect
Telekinesis 0001A4CC Spell - Alteration
The Apprentice Stone 000E5F4E Active Effect
The Apprentice Stone 0010E439 Active Effect
The Atronach Stone 000E5F51 Active Effect
The Fire Within 000E8282 Active Effect
The Lady Stone 000E5F54 Active Effect
The Lord Stone 000E5F58 Active Effect
The Lover Stone 000E5F5A Active Effect
The Mage Stone 000E5F47 Active Effect
The Ritual Stone 000E7329 Power
The Serpent Stone 000E5F61 Power
The Shadow Stone 000E732A Power
The Steed Stone 000E5F5E Active Effect
The Thief Stone 000E5F45 Active Effect
The Tower Stone 000E7328 Active Effect
The Warrior Stone 000E5F4C Active Effect
Throw Voice - Gut [Far] 000602A2 Word
Throw Voice - Mey [Fool] 000602A1 Word
Throw Voice - Zul [Voice] 000602A0 Word
Thunderbolt 0010F7EE Spell - Destruction
Transmute 00109111 Spell - Alteration
Turn Greater Undead 0005DD5E Spell - Restoration
Turn Lesser Undead 0004B146 Spell - Restoration
Turn Undead 0005DD5D Spell - Restoration
Unrelenting Force - Dah [Push] 00013E24 Word
Unrelenting Force - Fus [Force] 00013E22 Word
Unrelenting Force - Ro [Balance] 00013E23 Word
Vampire's Bane Dawnguard DLC Code + 0038B6 Spell - Restoration
Vampire's Seduction 000C4DE2 Power
Vampire's Servant 000ED0A4 Power
Vampire's Servant 000ED0A5 Power
Vampire's Servant 000ED0A6 Power
Vampire's Servant 000ED0A7 Power
Vampire's Sight 000C4DE1 Power
Vampiric Blood Rested Hearthfire DLC Code + 000C35 Active Effect
Vampiric Drain 0008D5BF Spell - Destruction
Vampiric Drain 0008D5C0 Spell - Destruction
Vampiric Drain 0008D5C1 Spell - Destruction
Vampiric Drain 0008D5C2 Spell - Destruction
Vision of the Tenth Eye 000B323E Spell - Illusion
Voice of the Emperor 000E40CA Power
Wall of Flames 00035D7F Spell - Destruction
Wall of Frost 00035D80 Spell - Destruction
Wall of Storms 00035D81 Spell - Destruction
Waterbreathing 0005D175 Spell - Alteration
Waterbreathing 000AA01B Active Effect
Weakness to Fire 0010F1E8 Active Effect
Weakness to Fire 0010F1EB Active Effect
Weakness to Fire 0010F1EA Active Effect
Weakness to Fire 0010F1E9 Active Effect
Weakness to Sunlight 000C1E8B Active Effect
Weakness to Sunlight 000ED09A Active Effect
Weakness to Sunlight 000ED09B Active Effect
Weakness to Sunlight 000ED09C Active Effect
Well Rested 000FB984 Active Effect
Whirlwind Spirit - Kest [Tempest] 0002F7BD Word
Whirlwind Spirit - Nah [Fury] 0002F7BC Word
Whirlwind Spirit - Wuld [Whirlwind] 0002F7BB Word
Witbane 000B8783 Disease
Witbane 0010A250 Disease