Skyrim NPC Codes List

Find below a searchable list of all NPC IDs for characters, monsters, creatures, etc from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC / Mac (Steam). These spawn codes are most commonly used in console commands such as the PlaceAtMe command.

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NPC Name NPC Code Editor Name
Abelone 0008774F Abelone
Acolyte Jenssen 000D3E79 AcolyteJenssen
Adara 00013385 Adara
Addict Dragonborn DLC Code + 008D7A DLC1dunRedwaterDenAddict4
Addvar 00013255 Addvar
Addvild 00019DC7 Addvild
Adeber 000661AD Adeber
Adelaisa Vendicci 0001411D Adelaisa
Adisla 0001411E Adisla
Adonato Leotelli 0001413C AdonatoLeotelli
Adrianne Avenicci 00013BB9 AdrianneAvenicci
Adril Arano Dawnguard DLC Code + 018280 DLC2RRAdrilArano
Aduri Sarethi 00019BFF AduriSarethi
Advard 0007F692 dunPOISlaughterFisherman01
Adventurer Dragonborn DLC Code + 0146DC DLC1ArkngthamzAdventurer
Adventurer Dawnguard DLC Code + 018D93 DLC2dunGyldenhulAdventurer
Adventurer Dragonborn DLC Code + 0146D7 DLC1LD_BookCorpse1
Adventurer Dragonborn DLC Code + 00CFBD DLC1LD_BookCorpse2
Aela the Huntress 0001A696 AelaTheHuntress
Aeri 0001360B Aeri
Aerin 00013346 Aerin
Aeta Dawnguard DLC Code + 018FCA DLC2SVAeta
Affable Gent 000FC198 WarehouseNPCWAllAmbush
Afflicted 00064A42 DA13EncAfflicted00Template
Afflicted Devotee 00043AB8 DA13encAfflicted
Afflicted Refugee 000BEDE5 DA13LvlAfflictedMelee1HWERefugee
Afflicted Remnants 000BEDE3 DA13LvlAfflictedMelee1HWERemnants
Afflicted Remnants 000BEDE4 DA13LvlAfflictedWizardWERemnants
Agent Lorcalin 000DD99E dunPOITundra_LvlThalmor01
Agmaer Dragonborn DLC Code + 00336E DLC1Agmaer
Agna 000A9599 Agna
Agni 000135E5 Agni
Agnis 00020044 Agnis
Agrius 00083B19 dunHalldirsDeadBandit03
Ahjisi 000CE086 DA05Hunter11_04Melee_Ahjisi
Ahkari 0001B1D6 Ahkari
Ahlam Dragonborn DLC Code + 005A9B DLC1TestAngry
Ahlam 00013BBE Ahlam
Ahtar 0001325F Ahtar
Ahzidal Dawnguard DLC Code + 0248E9 DLC2AcolyteAhzidal
Aia Arria 0001325C AiaArria
Aicantar 0001402E Aicantar
Aicantar's Spider 0005CF36 dunMarkarthWizard_Spider
Ainethach 00013B69 Ainethach
Akar Dawnguard DLC Code + 01F9C3 DLC2dunFrostmoonAkar
Alain Dufont 0001B074 AlainDufont
Albino Spider Dawnguard DLC Code + 0145C5 DLC2ExpSpiderAlbino
Albino Spider Dawnguard DLC Code + 017074 DLC2ExpSpiderAlbinoFriend
Albino Spider Dawnguard DLC Code + 01926C DLC2ExpSpiderAlbinoEMPTY
Alchemist 00099805 TreasCorpseAlchemist
Alchemist 000EA528 dunClearpinePondAlchemist
Alding 00052268 MS10Pirate1
Alduin 0008E4F1 AlduinBase
Alduin [A Blade In The Dark] 00032D9D MQ106Alduin
Alduin [Alduin's Bane] 0004377F MQ206AncientAlduin
Alduin [Alduin's Bane] 0004424A MQ206Alduin
Alduin [Dragonslayer?] 0004E9BC MQ304Alduin
Alduin [Unbound] 00032B94 MQ101Alduin
Alea Quintus 0002E3EF DB02Captive2
Alesan Hearthfire DLC Code + 00403C BYOHUrchin_Alesan
Alessandra 00013347 Alessandra
Alethius 000C370C dunNchuandAlethiusCorpse
Alexia Vici 00060B29 AlexiaVici
Alfarinn 0009B7AB CarriageDriverWindhelm
Alfhild Battle-Born 00013BB0 AlfhildBattleBorn
Alik'r Warrior 0010F5AA MS08AlikrKematuGuard03
Alik'r Warrior 00108CF5 MS08AlikrWarriorWhiterun02
Alik'r Warrior 00055FB2 MS08AlikrWarriorWhiterun
Alik'r Warrior 00020071 MS08AlikrWarrior
Alik'r Warrior 0010F5A1 MS08AlikrKematuGuard02
Alik'r Warrior 00058B3F MS08AlikrKematuGuard
Alik'r Warrior 0006762E EncAlikr00Template
Alpha Wolf 0009931A e3DemoAlphaWolf
Alva 000135E6 Alva
Alvide Dragonborn DLC Code + 0198B6 DLC1RefugeeAlvide
Alvor 00013475 Alvor
Amaund Motierre 0003B43A AmaundMotierre
Amaund Motierre 0004E64F AmaundMotierreEnd
Ambarys Rendar 0001413E AmbarysRendar
Amren 00013BAA Amren
Ancano 0001E7D7 Ancano
Ancarion Dawnguard DLC Code + 01CAF3 DLC2SV02Ancarion
Ancient Dragon Dawnguard DLC Code + 03D5C0 DLC2EncDragon05FrostNoScript_MQ06
Ancient Dragon 000F811E EncDragon05Frost
Ancient Dragon 000F811C EncDragon05Fire
Ancient Dragon Dawnguard DLC Code + 03D5BF DLC2EncDragon05FireNoScript_MQ06
Ancient Dragonborn Dawnguard DLC Code + 0265AA dlc2DBAncientDragonborn
Ancient Frost Atronach Dragonborn DLC Code + 015139 DLC1_BF_FrostAtronachBoss01
Ancient Frost Atronach Dragonborn DLC Code + 01513C DLC1_BF_FrostAtronachBoss04
Ancient Frost Atronach Dragonborn DLC Code + 01513B DLC1_BF_FrostAtronachBoss03
Ancient Frost Atronach Dragonborn DLC Code + 01513A DLC1_BF_FrostAtronachBoss02
Ancient Frost Atronach Dragonborn DLC Code + 015138 DLC1_BF_FrostAtronachBossTemplate
Ancient Frost Atronach Dragonborn DLC Code + 01513D DLC1_BF_FrostAtronachBoss05
Ancient Vampire Dragonborn DLC Code + 017F8B DLC1EncVampire05DarkElfF
Ancient Vampire 00033851 EncVampire05Template
Ancient Vampire Dragonborn DLC Code + 017F8A DLC1EncVampire05BretonF
Ancient Vampire Dragonborn DLC Code + 017F8C DLC1EncVampire05NordF
Anders 000FF224 TG09TreasCorpseAnders
Andurs 00013BA8 Andurs
Angeline Morrard 00013260 AngelineMorrard