Skyrim Actor Value & Skill ID List

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Actor Value Actor Value ID Type
Alchemy 00000456 Skill
Alteration 00000458 Skill
Block 0000044F Skill
Conjuration 00000459 Skill
Destruction 0000045A Skill
Enchanting 0000045D Skill
HeavyArmor 00000451 Skill
Illusion 0000045B Skill
LightArmor 00000452 Skill
Lockpicking 00000454 Skill
Marksman 0000044E Skill
OneHanded 0000044C Skill
Pickpocket 00000453 Skill
Restoration 0000045C Skill
Smithing 00000450 Skill
Sneak 00000455 Skill
Speechcraft 00000457 Skill
TwoHanded 0000044D Skill
AbsorbChance 000005FA Stat
Aggression 000004B0 AI
AlchemyMod 00000611 Mod
AlchemyPowerMod 00000638 Mod
AlchemySkillAdvance 00000623 Exp
AlterationMod 00000613 Mod
AlterationPowerMod 0000063A Mod
AlterationSkillAdvance 00000625 Exp
ArmorPerks 000005E8 Perk
Assistance 000004B5 AI
AttackDamageMult 00000641 Mult
Blindness 000005FB Stat
BlockMod 0000060A Mod
BlockPowerMod 00000631 Mod
BlockSkillAdvance 0000061C Exp
BowSpeedBonus 000005F5 Perk
BowStaggerBonus 000005FE Stat
BrainCondition 000005DB Obsolete
BypassVendorKeywordCheck 00000605 Status
BypassVendorStolenCheck 00000604 Status
CarryWeight 000003F0 Stat
CombatHealthRegenMult 0000062D Mult
Confidence 000004B1 AI
ConjurationMod 00000614 Mod
ConjurationPowerMod 0000063B Mod
ConjurationSkillAdvance 00000626 Exp
CritChance 000003F1 Stat
DamageResist 000005CE Resist
DestructionMod 00000615 Mod
DestructionPowerMod 0000063C* Mod
DestructionSkillAdvance 00000627 Exp
DetectLifeRange 000005DF Obsolete?
DiseaseResist 000005D4 Resist
DragonRend 00000640 Toggle
DragonSouls 0000062C Stat
ElectricResist 000005D1 Resist
EnchantingMod 00000618 Mod
EnchantingPowerMod 0000063F Mod
EnchantingSkillAdvance 0000062A Exp
EnduranceCondition 000005D6 Obsolete
Energy 000004B2 AI
Fame 000005E3 Obsolete
FavorActive 000005F6 Obsolete
FavorPointsBonus 00000600 Obsolete
FavorsPerDay 000005F7 Obsolete
FavorsPerDayTimer 000005F8 Obsolete
FireResist 000005D0 Resist
FrostResist 000005D2 Resist
GrabActorOffset 00000647
Grabbed 00000648 Status
HealRate 000003EB Mult
HealRateMult/CombatHealthRegenMultMod 00000642 Mult
Health 000003E8 Attribute
HeavyArmorMod 0000060C Mod
HeavyArmorPowerMod 00000633 Mod
HeavyArmorSkillAdvance 0000061E Exp
IgnoreCrippledLimbs 000005E2 Obsolete
IllusionMod 00000616 Mod
IllusionPowerMod 0000063D Mod
IllusionSkillAdvance 00000628 Exp
Infamy 000005E4 Obsolete
InventoryWeight 000003EF Stat
Invisibility 000005DD Status
JumpingBonus 000005E5 Obsolete
LastBribedIntimidated 00000601 Obsolete
LastFlattered 00000602 Obsolete
LeftAttackCondition 000005D7 Obsolete
LeftItemCharge/EquippedStaffCharge 000005F9 Stat
LeftMobilityCondition 000005D9 Obsolete
LeftWeaponSpeedMult 0000062B Mult
LightArmorMod 0000060D Mod
LightArmorPowerMod 00000634 Mod
LightArmorSkillAdvance 0000061F Exp
LockpickingMod 0000060F Mod
LockpickingPowerMod 00000636 Mod
LockpickingSkillAdvance 00000621 Exp
Magicka 000003E9 Attribute
MagickaRate 000003EC Mult
MagickaRateMult/CombatHealthRegenMultPowerMod 00000643 Mult
MagicResist 000005D3 Resist
MarksmanMod 00000609 Mod
MarksmanPowerMod 00000630 Mod
MarksmanSkillAdvance 0000061B Exp
Mass 000003F4 Stat
MeleeDamage 000003F2 Stat
Mood 000004B4 AI
Morality 000004B3 AI
MovementNoiseMult 00000603 Stat
NightEye 000005DE Obsolete?
OneHandedMod 00000607 Mod
OneHandedPowerMod 0000062E Mod
OneHandedSkillAdvance 00000619 Exp
Paralysis 000005DC Status
PerceptionCondition 000005D5 Obsolete
PickPocketMod 0000060E Mod
PickPocketPowerMod 00000635 Mod
PickPocketSkillAdvance 00000620 Exp
PoisonResist 000005CF Resist
ReflectDamage 0000064A Stat
RestorationMod 00000617 Mod
RestorationPowerMod 0000063E Mod
RestorationSkillAdvance 00000629 Exp
RightAttackCondition 000005D8 Obsolete
RightItemCharge/EquippedItemCharge 000005E7 Stat
RightMobilityCondition 000005DA Obsolete
ShieldPerks 000005E9 Obsolete?
ShoutRecoveryMult 000005FD Mod
SmithingMod 0000060B* Mod
SmithingPowerMod 00000632 Mod
SmithingSkillAdvance 0000061D Exp
SneakMod 00000610 Mod
SneakPowerMod 00000637 Mod
SneakSkillAdvance 00000622 Exp
SpeechcraftMod 00000612 Mod
SpeechcraftPowerMod 00000639 Mod
SpeechcraftSkillAdvance 00000624 Exp
SpeedMult 000003EE Mult
Stamina 000003EA Attribute
StaminaRate 000003ED Mult
StaminaRateMult 00000644 Mult
Telekinesis 000005FF Status
TwoHandedMod 00000608 Mod
TwoHandedPowerMod 0000062F* Mod
TwoHandedSkillAdvance 0000061A Exp
UnarmedDamage 000003F3 Stat
VampirePerks 0000646
Variable01 000005EB User-defined
Variable02 000005EC User-defined
Variable03 000005ED User-defined
Variable04 000005EE* User-defined
Variable05 000005EF* User-defined
Variable06 000005F0 User-defined
Variable07 000005F1 User-defined
Variable08 000005F2 User-defined
Variable09 000005F3 User-defined
Variable10 000005F4 User-defined
VoicePoints 000003F5 Obsolete
VoiceRate 000003F6 Obsolete
WaitingForPlayer 00000606 AI
WardDeflection 000005EA* Obsolete?
WardPower 000005E6* Buffer
WaterBreathing 000005E0* Status
WaterWalking 000005E1* Status
WeaponSpeedMult 000005FC Mod
WerewolfPerks 00000645