Skyrim Weather Codes List

Find below a searchable list of all Skyrim weather IDs. These weather codes can be used with commands such as the SetWeather command.

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Weather Code Weather ID
BlackreachWeather 00048C14
BloatedMansGrottoFog 00105941
DefaultWeather 0000015E
DLC02VolcanicAsh01 Dawnguard DLC Code + 018471
DLC02VolcanicAsh01_A Dawnguard DLC Code + 0374B8
DLC02VolcanicAsh02 Dawnguard DLC Code + 031AC0
DLC02VolcanicAsh02_A Dawnguard DLC Code + 0374B9
DLC02VolcanicAshStorm01 Dawnguard DLC Code + 032336
DLC02VolcanicAshTundra01 Dawnguard DLC Code + 01D760
DLC02VolcanicAshTundra01_A Dawnguard DLC Code + 0374BA
DLC1_SkyrimClearFV Dragonborn DLC Code + 010E0F
DLC1_SkyrimClearFV_A Dragonborn DLC Code + 010E10
DLC1_SkyrimCloudyFV Dragonborn DLC Code + 010E0E
DLC1_SkyrimCloudyFV_A Dragonborn DLC Code + 010E0B
DLC1AurielsBowClearWeather Dragonborn DLC Code + 00F89C
DLC1Eclipse Dragonborn DLC Code + 006AEC
DLC1FalmerValley_bf Dragonborn DLC Code + 019599
DLC1FalmerValley_bfDark Dragonborn DLC Code + 0195A0
DLC1MagicAurielBowCloudyWeather Dragonborn DLC Code + 00F89D
DLC2ApocryphaWeather Dawnguard DLC Code + 01DFF5
DLC2ApocryphaWeatherNew Dawnguard DLC Code + 034CFB
EditorCloudPreview 0010E3D4
FXMagicStormRain 000D4886
FXSkyrimStormBlowingGrass 0010C32F
FXWthrCaveBluePaleLight 00075DE5
FXWthrCaveBlueSkylight 0006ED5B
FXWthrInvertDayNight 0006ED5A
FXWthrInvertDayNighWarm 000777CF
FXWthrInvertLightMarkarth 00101910
FXWthrInvertLightsSolitude 0005ED7A
FXWthrInvertLightsWhiterun 0008282A
FXWthrInvertWindowsWhiterun 0008277A
FXWthrInvertWindowsWindhelm 000AEE84
FXWthrInvertWindowsWindhelm2 000ECC96
FXWthrInvertWindowsWinterhold 0010DA13
FXWthrSunlight 0007548F
FXWthrSunlightWhite 00075491
HelgenAttackWeather 000D9329
KarthspireRedoubtFog 00106635
RiftenOvercastFog 0010FE7E
SkuldafnCloudy 00104AB4
SkyrimClear 0000081A
SkyrimClear_A 0010E1F2
SkyrimClearCO 0010A234
SkyrimClearCO_A 0010E1E8
SkyrimClearFF 0010A23B
SkyrimClearFF_A 0010E1EC
SkyrimClearMA 0010A230
SkyrimClearMA_A 0010E1E6
SkyrimClearRE 0010A237
SkyrimClearRE_A 0010E1EA
SkyrimClearSN 0010A244
SkyrimClearSN_A 0010E1F0
SkyrimClearTU 0010A240
SkyrimClearTU_A 0010E1EE
SkyrimClearVT 0010A7A5
SkyrimClearVT_A 0010E1E4
SkyrimCloudy 00012F89
SkyrimCloudy_A 0010E1F1
SkyrimCloudyCO 0010A236
SkyrimCloudyCO_A 0010E1E7
SkyrimCloudyFF 0010A23F
SkyrimCloudyFF_A 0010E1EB
SkyrimCloudyMA 0010A233
SkyrimCloudyMA_A 0010E1E5
SkyrimCloudyRE 0010A23A
SkyrimCloudyRE_A 0010E1E9
SkyrimCloudySN 0010A245
SkyrimCloudySN_A 0010E1EF
SkyrimCloudyTU 0010A243
SkyrimCloudyTU_A 0010E1ED
SkyrimCloudyVT 0010A7A8
SkyrimCloudyVT_A 0010E1E3
SkyrimDA02Weather 00105F40
SkyrimFog 000C821E
SkyrimFogCO 0010A235
SkyrimFogFF 0010A23E
SkyrimFogMA 0010A232
SkyrimFogRE 0010A239
SkyrimFogVT 0010A7A7
SkyrimMQ206weather 0010199F
SkyrimOvercastRain 000C821F
SkyrimOvercastRainFF 0010A23D
SkyrimOvercastRainMA 0010A231
SkyrimOvercastRainRE 0010A238
SkyrimOvercastRainTU 0010A242
SkyrimOvercastRainVT 0010A7A6
SkyrimOvercastSnow 0004D7FB
SkyrimOvercastWar 000D299E
SkyrimStormRain 000C8220
SkyrimStormRainFF 0010A23C
SkyrimStormRainTU 0010A241
SkyrimStormSnow 000C8221
SolitudeBluePalaceFog 00105945
SolitudeBluePalaceFogARENA 00105942
SolitudeBluePalaceFogFEAR 00105943
SolitudeBluePalaceFogNMARE 00105944
SovngardeClear 0010D9EC
SovngardeDark 0010FEF8
SovngardeFog 000923FD
TESTCloudyRain 0002E7AB
WorldMapWeather 000A6858