Skyrim Enchantment ID List

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Enchantment Name Enchantment ID Type
Charm - Master of the Mind 0009E0BB Miscellaneous
Chaurus effect 000C5A9E Miscellaneous
Chaurus Poison 0006F6FC Weapon
Chaurus Spit 0006F6FD Miscellaneous
Circle of Protection 0005312C Miscellaneous
Circle of Protection 0004E80B Miscellaneous
Circle of Vitality 000B62E9 Miscellaneous
Clairvoyance 0002113F Miscellaneous
Claws 0010C4E7 Miscellaneous
Clear Skies 00078BA1 Miscellaneous
Clear Skies 00078B9F Miscellaneous
Clear Skies 00078B9D Miscellaneous
Clear Skies Effect 1 0003F508 Miscellaneous
Clear Skies Effect 2 0003F509 Miscellaneous
Clear Skies Effect 3 0003F50A Miscellaneous
Cold as the Dead 0010DE1D Miscellaneous
Combat Vigor 000FCF03 Miscellaneous
Command 0006F954 Miscellaneous
Command Animal 000E40D0 Miscellaneous
Conjure Dragon Priest 0010FC12 Miscellaneous
Conjure Dremora Lord 0010DDED Miscellaneous
Conjure Familiar 000640B4 Miscellaneous
Conjure Flame Atronach 0001CEAA Miscellaneous
Conjure Flame Thrall 0007E5D2 Miscellaneous
Conjure Flaming Familiar 00106E35 Miscellaneous
Conjure Frost Atronach 0010EE48 Staff (Spell)
Conjure Frost Atronach 0001CEAB Miscellaneous
Conjure Frost Thrall 0007E5D3 Miscellaneous
Conjure Potent Flame Atronach 0004E945 Miscellaneous
Conjure Potent Flame Thrall 000CDECF Miscellaneous
Conjure Potent Frost Atronach 0010EE40 Miscellaneous
Conjure Potent Frost Atronach 0004E946 Miscellaneous
Conjure Potent Frost Thrall 000CDED0 Miscellaneous
Conjure Potent Storm Thrall 000CDED1 Miscellaneous
Conjure Storm Atronach 0010EE49 Staff (Spell)
Conjure Storm Atronach 0001CEAC Miscellaneous
Conjure Storm Thrall 0007E5D4 Miscellaneous
Constant Damage Health 000FFCDF Miscellaneous
Courage 0001EA79 Miscellaneous
Courage - Master of the Mind 0009E0C4 Miscellaneous
Courage Secondary 00026D7E Miscellaneous
Cure Disease 0010E949 Miscellaneous
Cure Disease 000FBFF5 Miscellaneous
Cure Disease 000AE722 Miscellaneous
Cure Poison 00109ADD Miscellaneous
DA08 necro priest fx 000EBEA8 Miscellaneous
DA08 necro skeleton fx 000EB86E Miscellaneous
Damage Health 0010F15A Miscellaneous
Damage Health 000F82E2 Miscellaneous
Damage Health 000F4995 Miscellaneous
Damage Health 000C1E8E Miscellaneous
Damage Health 0003EB42 Miscellaneous
Damage Health Bleeding 0010582C Weapon
Damage Health Regeneration 0001729B Miscellaneous
Damage Health Regeneration 0010DE1A Miscellaneous
Damage Health Regeneration 000C1E8C Miscellaneous
Damage Lockpicking 000F8753 Miscellaneous
Damage Magicka 0010F158 Miscellaneous
Damage Magicka 000B8777 Miscellaneous
Damage Magicka 0003A2B6 Miscellaneous
Damage Magicka Regen 00073F2B Miscellaneous
Damage Magicka Regeneration 0010DE1B Miscellaneous
Damage Magicka Regeneration 000A1A45 Miscellaneous
Damage Stamina 0010F159 Miscellaneous
Damage Stamina 0003A2C6 Miscellaneous
Damage Stamina Regen 00073F2C Miscellaneous
Damage Stamina Regeneration 0001729D Miscellaneous
Damage Stamina Regeneration 0010DE18 Miscellaneous
Damage Stamina Regeneration 0010C645 Miscellaneous
Damage Stamina Regeneration 000C1E8D Miscellaneous
Dark Souls Dread Zombie 000CAB64 Miscellaneous
Dark Souls Reanimate Corpse 000CAB63 Miscellaneous
Dark Souls Revenant 00101061 Miscellaneous
Dark Souls Revenant 000CAB62 Miscellaneous
Dark Souls Zombie 0009CD50 Miscellaneous
Dark SoulsDead Thrall 000CAB61 Miscellaneous
Deep Freeze Paralyze 000F3935 Miscellaneous
Deep Freeze Paralyze 000F3934 Miscellaneous
Deep Freeze Paralyze 000F3932 Miscellaneous
Destroy Skull of Corruption 000C3EBF Miscellaneous
Detect Life 000CF78B Miscellaneous
Detect Life 000CF78A Miscellaneous
Detect Life 000CF789 Miscellaneous
Detect Life 000CE215 Miscellaneous
Detect Life Enemy Exterior 001019D8 Miscellaneous
Detect Life Enemy Exterior 000CEDFF Miscellaneous
Detect Life Enemy Interior 001019D9 Miscellaneous
Detect Life Enemy Interior 000CEE00 Miscellaneous
Detect Life Friend Exterior 001019DA Miscellaneous
Detect Life Friend Exterior 000B79E7 Miscellaneous
Detect Life Friend Interior 001019DB Miscellaneous
Detect Life Friend Interior 0001EA74 Miscellaneous
Detect Life FX Visuals 0002FB1F Miscellaneous
Detect Undead Enemy Exterior 000B79E8 Miscellaneous
Detect Undead Enemy Interior 0001EA75 Miscellaneous
Detect Undead Friend Exterior 000E8269 Miscellaneous
Detect Undead Friend Interior 000E826A Miscellaneous
Disarm 0009CD4B Miscellaneous
Disarm 1 0008BB26 Miscellaneous
Disarm 2 000CD088 Miscellaneous