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Cheats in Increase Stamina in Skyrim

Run dragonborn, run!

Some people immerse themselves in video games to escape the realities of life.. unfortunately in Skyrim there are many mechanics similar to those in the real world. One of those mechanics is stamina - the amount of endurance your character has, a higher stamina level means you can sprint for longer, perform more power attacks, etc before running out and having to wait for it to restore.. what if there was a way to increase stamina, or even gain unlimited stamina? What if we told you there is?! Using console commands, you can regenerate your stamina, give your character unlimited stamina and increase your stamina. If you're looking for a particlar cheat, click one of the links below to jump to the correct part of this article:

This guide uses console commands - in order to use these, you need to be on PC / Mac (Steam). You can open up the console with one of the following hotkeys: ` or ~. Check out our console guide for more help opening and using the console.

Unlimited Stamina Cheat

To gain unlimited stamina in Skyrim, you can use the following console command:

player.setav stamina 99999

This sets your stamina to 99,999, which is effectively unlimited because it will regenate faster than you could ever use it up!

Cheats to Increase Stamina

If you're not looking to go all-out with unlimited stamina and just want a little boost, you can fully restore your character's stamina with the following cheat code:

player.restoreav stamina 100

This command will only restore your stamina to its full (what it would be if nothing was drained) - it won't push your stamina past its legitimate limit like the setav command.

That's all there is to this guide. You may also want to check out our restore health guide, or our article on the magicka cheat. More console commands can be found on our commands list.

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