Skyrim Noclip Command

Walls? Ain't nobody got time for them!

There are many obstacles one must face in the world of Skyrim, perhaps some of the more-literal obstacles are walls. If walls are getting in your way, fear not, the noclip command will be your saviour!

In order to run the noclip command, you'll need to know how to open and use the console. All you need to do to open up the console is press one of the following hot keys: ` (grave) or ~ (tilde). To send commands, type them into the text box and hit ENTER. If you need more help opening or using the console, click here.

In noclip mode your character can walk through anything, be it a wall, a rock, or a mountain - no object is too solid! To enable noclip mode all you need to do is use the following console code:

ToggleCollision or TCL

In noclip mode, you'll also be able to fly! You can disable the noclip cheat by typing the TCL command again.

Make sure you do not have any target selected - if you have a target selected, this command will not work. To deselect a target, click on the target again.

Check out our blog for more command guides. You can also find a list of all Skyrim commands on our homepage.


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