Skyrim Enchantment ID List

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Enchantment Name Enchantment ID Type
Ice Hazard(High) 0003E07B Weapon
Ice Spike 0010192F Miscellaneous
Ice Spike 0001CEA2 Miscellaneous
Ice Storm 0010192E Miscellaneous
Ice Storm 000DD605 Miscellaneous
Ice Storm 0001CEA3 Miscellaneous
Ice Volley 000EFC60 Miscellaneous
Ice Wraith Bite 000A26F5 Weapon
Ice Wraith FX Ability 000CAF7F Miscellaneous
Icy Spear 0010F7F0 Staff (Spell)
Ignore Armor Damage 00105834 Weapon
IllusionBodyArtHolder 00022477 Miscellaneous
IllusionGreenBodyArtHolder 000225BA Miscellaneous
Imperial Luck 0010EAD0 Miscellaneous
Incinerate 0010F7F1 Staff (Spell)
Increased Magicka 000E5F41 Miscellaneous
Instant Kill 00091AE5 Weapon
Intense Flames Fear 000F392F Miscellaneous
Intense Flames Fear 000F392D Miscellaneous
Intense Flames Rout 000F3930 Miscellaneous
Invisibility 000FDBC2 Miscellaneous
Invisibility 0003EB3D Miscellaneous
Invisibility 0001EA6A Miscellaneous
Invisibility Phantom 00072312 Miscellaneous
It Burns Hysteria 000F3931 Miscellaneous
J'zargo's Flame Cloak 00097EE2 Miscellaneous
Jzargo Flames 00097EE1 Miscellaneous
Karliah's Invisibility 000D61E2 Miscellaneous
Knockdown Effect 00106255 Miscellaneous
Konahrik's Privilege 0010FC14 Armor
Kyne's Blessing 00107E2F Miscellaneous
Kyne's Peace 0010E4F8 Miscellaneous
Kyne's Peace 0010E4F7 Miscellaneous
Kyne's Peace 0010E4F6 Miscellaneous
Kyne's Peace 1 00082A37 Miscellaneous
Kyne's Peace 2 00082A36 Miscellaneous
Kyne's Peace 3 00082A38 Miscellaneous
Light Beam 000D561A Miscellaneous
Lightning Bolt 0010192C Miscellaneous
Lightning Bolt 00055CE6 Miscellaneous
Lightning Bolt 0004EFDE Miscellaneous
Lightning Bolt 0001CEA8 Miscellaneous
Lightning Bolt Call Storm 000E4CB6 Miscellaneous
Lightning Storm 000D22FA Miscellaneous
LigningStormBodyArtHolder 000592D5 Miscellaneous
Lingering Damage Health 0010AA4A Miscellaneous
Lingering Damage Magicka 0010DE5F Miscellaneous
Lingering Damage Stamina 0010DE5E Miscellaneous
Lingering Fire Damage 0010E4B2 Miscellaneous
Lingering Fire Damage 000FBFEC Miscellaneous
Lover's Comfort 0010D96C Miscellaneous
Lover's Comfort 000CDA1F Miscellaneous
Lurker's Cloak 000F6516 Miscellaneous
Lurker's Shadow 000F6515 Miscellaneous
Magelight 0001EA6D Miscellaneous
Magic Draugr FX 000F9066 Miscellaneous
Magic Draugr FX 000F71D2 Miscellaneous
Magicka Damage 0005B44F Weapon
Marked for Death - Armor 0010319D Miscellaneous
Marked for Death - Health 0010319C Miscellaneous
Mass Charm - Master of the Mind 0009E0BC Miscellaneous
Mayhem 0007E8D6 Miscellaneous
Mayhem - Master of the Mind 0009E0C0 Miscellaneous
Melee Damage 000ED09F Miscellaneous
Merchant 000AF669 Miscellaneous
Meridia's Retribution 000FEE38 Miscellaneous
MG08 Fireball 0010815D Miscellaneous
MiddenTorch 000749B3 Miscellaneous
Modify Alteration 001076EE Miscellaneous
Modify Conjuration 001076EF Miscellaneous
Modify Destruction 001076F6 Miscellaneous
Modify Illusion 001076FF Miscellaneous
Modify Restoration 001076ED Miscellaneous
Moonlight Damage 0003B0B1 Weapon
MS08Paralyze 0009DD4E Miscellaneous
Muffle 00092A57 Armor
Muffle 0009379B Miscellaneous
Muffle 0008F3EA Miscellaneous
Muffle 0008F3E9 Miscellaneous
My test effect for Self Effects 000EF962 Miscellaneous
Mystic Axe 000424FF Miscellaneous
Mystic Bow 00042500 Miscellaneous
Mystic Sword 000424FA Miscellaneous
Night Eye 0006B10C Miscellaneous
Night Eye Dispel 000D9DAF Miscellaneous
Night Stalker's Footsteps 000ED098 Miscellaneous
Nightingale Shadow Ability 001058A9 Miscellaneous
Nightingale Shadow Mercer 000FDBBF Miscellaneous
Nightingale Strife 000F198A Miscellaneous
Nightingale Strife Mercer 000FDBC8 Miscellaneous
Nightingale Subterfuge 000FDBC5 Miscellaneous
Nightingale Subterfuge 000FCC27 Miscellaneous
Nightingale Subterfuge 000F198B Miscellaneous
Nightmare Visuals 000BF742 Miscellaneous
Nightstalker's Footsteps 0010F1E6 Miscellaneous
Notched Pickaxe 001019AF Weapon
Notched PickaxeII 001019D6 Weapon
On Ice Paralyze 000F3936 Miscellaneous
Oppressive Cloud 00103B04 Miscellaneous
Oppressive Cloud 0010387B Miscellaneous