Skyrim Enchantment ID List

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Enchantment Name Enchantment ID Type
Fortify Restoration 0010E80F Miscellaneous
Fortify Restoration 000FB990 Miscellaneous
Fortify Restoration 0007A101 Miscellaneous
Fortify Shouts 000FB992 Miscellaneous
Fortify Shouts 0008850D Miscellaneous
Fortify Smithing 0007A102 Miscellaneous
Fortify Smithing 0003EB1D Miscellaneous
Fortify Sneak 0007A103 Armor
Fortify Sneak 0010E8AF Miscellaneous
Fortify Sneak 0002E1C6 Miscellaneous
Fortify Sneak 0003EB22 Miscellaneous
Fortify Speechcraft 000F871B Miscellaneous
Fortify Speechcraft 000EEF59 Miscellaneous
Fortify Spells 0010E80A Miscellaneous
Fortify Stamina 001058A4 Miscellaneous
Fortify Stamina 000FB98F Miscellaneous
Fortify Stamina 000EE5C4 Miscellaneous
Fortify Stamina 00050CF3 Miscellaneous
Fortify Stamina 00050CEF Miscellaneous
Fortify Stamina 00050CEB Miscellaneous
Fortify Stamina 00091F77 Miscellaneous
Fortify Stamina 00049507 Miscellaneous
Fortify Stamina 0003EAF9 Miscellaneous
Fortify Stamina - Master of the Mind 00050CF5 Miscellaneous
Fortify Stamina - Master of the Mind 00050CF1 Miscellaneous
Fortify Stamina - Master of the Mind 00050CED Miscellaneous
Fortify Two-handed 0008BB2C Miscellaneous
Fortify Two-Handed 0007A106 Miscellaneous
Fortify Two-handed 0003EB1A Miscellaneous
Fortify Unarmed Damage 0010C4E6 Miscellaneous
Fortify Unarmed Damage 000424E2 Miscellaneous
Frenzy 0010FDD4 Staff (Spell)
Frenzy 0010FDD4 Miscellaneous
Frenzy 000FF9F8 Miscellaneous
Frenzy 00073F29 Miscellaneous
Frenzy 0001EA78 Miscellaneous
Frenzy - Master of the Mind 0009E0BF Miscellaneous
Friendly Fire 0010EBCB Miscellaneous
Friendly Fire 0010EBCA Miscellaneous
Friendly Fire 000EA28D Miscellaneous
Frost Barrier 0008F3F7 Miscellaneous
Frost Barrier IceWraith 000ED397 Miscellaneous
Frost breath 0005D171 Miscellaneous
Frost breath 0005D170 Miscellaneous
Frost breath 0005D16F Miscellaneous
Frost Cloak 00064458 Miscellaneous
Frost Cloak 0003AEA0 Miscellaneous
Frost Damage 0004605B Weapon
Frost Damage(High) 00078C11 Weapon
Frost DamageII 00106617 Weapon
Frost Rune 0010A27D Miscellaneous
Frost Rune 0010A27C Miscellaneous
Frost Rune 0010A27B Miscellaneous
Frost Rune 0010A27A Miscellaneous
Frost Rune 0010A279 Miscellaneous
Frost Rune 00073270 Miscellaneous
Frost Rune 0006796D Miscellaneous
Frostbite 0010FDD3 Staff (Spell)
Frostbite 0010CBDE Miscellaneous
Frostbite 00101930 Miscellaneous
Frostbite 000F117F Miscellaneous
Frostbite 00013CAA Miscellaneous
Frostbite Venom 000EA65A Miscellaneous
Full Moon Rising 000E5F63 Miscellaneous
Fury 0004DEE6 Miscellaneous
Fury - Master of the Mind 0009E0BE Miscellaneous
Generic Damage 000EA075 Miscellaneous
Generic Frost Damage 000EA076 Miscellaneous
Ghost Extra Damage Effect 000D205C Miscellaneous
Ghost Extra Damage Effect 000D205A Miscellaneous
Ghost Visuals 001034CB Miscellaneous
Ghost Visuals 000ED600 Miscellaneous
Ghost Visuals 000ED5FF Miscellaneous
Ghost Visuals 000D339A Miscellaneous
Ghost Visuals 000D2053 Miscellaneous
Ghost Visuals 0006A156 Miscellaneous
Ghost Visuals 0005030E Miscellaneous
Ghost Visuals Fire 000D2063 Miscellaneous
Ghost Visuals Nightingale 000C7909 Miscellaneous
Ghost Visuals Nightingale 000C5EF6 Miscellaneous
Ghost Visuals Storm 000D339E Miscellaneous
Ghostveil 00103647 Miscellaneous
Graybeard Teach FX 00103964 Miscellaneous
Guardian Circle 000E0CD4 Miscellaneous
Guardian Circle 000E0CD0 Miscellaneous
Guardian Circle Restore Health 000E0CD2 Miscellaneous
Hag's End Drain Health 000FB409 Weapon
Hag's End Soul Trap 000FB407 Weapon
Halldir's Pacify 000FB406 Miscellaneous
Halldir's Soul Trap 000FB404 Miscellaneous
Harmony 0007E8DC Miscellaneous
Health Regeneration 000946F3 Armor
Heavy Fire Damage 0010E4B0 Miscellaneous
Heavy Fire Damage 000FBFEA Miscellaneous
Homecooked Meal 0010E72F Miscellaneous
Huntsman’s Prowess 00105831 Weapon
Hysteria 0007E8D8 Miscellaneous
Hysteria - Master of the Mind 0009E0C3 Miscellaneous
Ice Form 000D4FF1 Miscellaneous
Ice Form 000A0366 Miscellaneous