Skyrim Tc Command

General Information

This command will allow you to take control of the NPC you currently have selected as a target. This means you will be able to use WASD, etc to move the NPC. After toggling control of another NPC, your movements, etc will be shared between both your character (Dragonborn) and the controlled NPC (so pressing W would move both forward) - to toggle control of your own character, use the command ''.


tc Target Command


This command will toggle control of your own character (the Dragonborn). It is recommended you execute this command after taking control of an NPC as otherwise your actions will be mirrored between both.


The above command requires that you have an NPC selected as a target - if you do not have any NPC selected, it will not work. Provided you have an NPC selected as a target, the above command would toggle your control of the NPC.


ToggleControlsDriven is simply a longer version (alias) of the TC command - it has the exact same function.