Skyrim Setobjectivecompleted Command

General Information

This command will set the specified stage within the specified quest as either complete or incomplete.


setobjectivecompleted [quest id] [stage id] [0 / 1]

Quest IDThe ID of the quest you wish to complete or incomplete a specified objective within.
Stage IDThe ID of the stage you wish to mark as completed.
0 / 1Specify '1' (without quotes) to set the specified quest stage as completed. Specify '0' (without quotes) to set the specified quest stage as uncompleted.


SetObjectiveCompleted C01 10 1

Proving Honor has a quest ID of C01. Stage 10 ("Speak to Skjor") is the first stage of this quest. This command would set stage 10 as complete.

SetObjectiveCompleted C01 10 0

This console command affects the same quest/stage as the first command, but sets the stage as incomplete (as 0 is specified).