Skyrim Setlevel Command

General Information

This command can be used to change the level of a target, relative to your character. The level of the NPC will update as you level up. See argument information and examples for more help.


setlevel [multiplier] [modifier] [minimum] [maximum] Target Command

MultiplierThe percentage of YOUR character's level the NPCs level should be. The multiplier is specified in 1/10th percents - 1000 is 100%, 0 is 0%, 500 is 50%, etc. A multiplier of 1000 (100%) would mean the NPC would have your level.
ModifierThe amount of exact levels to add or remove to/from the NPCs level. Specifying 1 here would mean the NPC would have 1 level added, specifying -1 here would mean the NPC would have 1 level subtracted.
MinimumThe lowest level this NPC can be. A number between 1 and 100.
MaximumThe maximum level this NPC can reach. A number between 1 and 100.


setlevel 1000 0 1 100

This command will make your target exactly the same level as your character. This is because the multiplier is 1000 (100% of your character's level), the modifier (what to add or remove from the multiplied level) is 0, and the minimum/maximum levels are the same as your character's (1 and 100).

setlevel 500 3 1 100

The above command would make your targeted NPC 3 levels above half of your character's (500 = 50%) level.