Skyrim Setfavorstate Command

General Information

This cheat will make a targeted NPC complete 'favors' for you. After setting favor state to 1 for an NPC, follow the instructions on the screen. Pressing 'E' on the ground will make the NPC wait at that location, pressing 'E' on a door will make the NPC open that door for you, etc. Pressing the TAB key will set the favor state of NPC you are current controlling to 0 again.


setfavorstate [0 / 1] Target Command

0 / 1Enter '1' (without) quotes to set the favor state to true for your targeted NPC.


setfavorstate 1

Executing the above command with an NPC selected as a target will allow you to tell the NPC what to do. Select an NPC by clicking on it whilst the console is open.