Skyrim Set Command

General Information

This command sets a global variable to the specified value. See examples/argument information for help.


set [global variable name] [amount]

Global Variable NameThe name of the global variable to change, followed to by a 'to'. Common uses of this command:
  • set playerfollowercount to
  • set playeranimalcount to
  • set timescale to
AmountThe amount to set the global variable to.


set playerfollowercount to 0

The above command sets your follower count to 0.

set playeranimalcount to 0

The above command sets your animal count to 0.

set timescale to 20

Timescale is how fast the time in Skyrim passes. Default is 20 (20 times as fast as real time). 1 would make a day in Skyrim take 24 hours. 40 would make the days go by twice as fast.