Skyrim Recycleactor Command

General Information

This command has a different effect based on your target. If your target is an NPC, it will revive the NPC, restore the NPC's weapon, but not its entire inventory. If your target is a container, it will set the contents back to their default (i.e. what the container had when it first spawned, meaning if it was empty, it will emptied). If your target is an object, the object will be moved back to the position in the world it spawned at. If you use the command 'player.recycleactor', this command will not kill you or reset your inventory, instead it will add iron armor, iron weapons and some other useful gear - useful if you're starting out and want a boost.


recycleactor Target Command



Assuming your target is a dead NPC, this would bring the NPC back to life.


Assuming your target is an object that has been moved, this would move the object back to its original location.


This command would add the following items to your inventory: iron weapons (dagger, sword, war axe), iron armor (boots, chestplate, gauntlets, shield, helmet), long bow (with 23 iron arrows), 5 of each minor potion (healing, stamina, magicka), 2 resist fire potions, 1 potion of the warrior, 1 potion of light feet, book of the dragonborn, 10 lockpicks and 2 torches.