Skyrim Modav Command

General Information

This command will add the specified amount to the actor value with the specified ID from your targeted NPC or object. Use 'player.modav' to change your character's actor values. Specify negative amounts to decrease actor values.


modav [actor value id] [amount] Target Command

Actor Value IDThe ID of the actor value you wish to add or subtract from.
AmountThe amount you wish to add or subtract from the actor value. Specify a negative number to subtract.


modav health 10

This console command would add 10 health to the NPC you currently have selected as a target. Select an NPC as a target by clicking on it whilst the console window is open.

modav health -10

Instead of adding 10 health to your target, this command removes 10 health, as -10 has been specified as an amount.

player.modav stamina 1

The above command would add 1 stamina to your character.