Skyrim Getrelationshiprank Command

General Information

This console command will show the relationship level (friendliness) of two characters (the NPC you currently have selected as a target and the NPC with the specified reference ID) (see examples for help). A relationship rank is a number between -4 and 4 - a higher number means the two characters have a stronger relationship.


getrelationshiprank [reference id] Target Command

Reference IDThe reference ID of the NPC whom you'd like to see the relationship rank of with the NPC you're targeting.


getrelationshiprank 0078783

The above command would print to the console a number between -4 and 4 representative of the relationship between your targeted NPC and the NPC with reference ID. An NPC's reference ID is the number that shows between brackets above the console when you select it (by clicking on it with the console open).

getrelationshiprank player

This command would print to console the relationship rank of you and the NPC you currently have selected/targeted.