Skyrim Forceav Command

General Information

This console command forcefully sets an actor value to the specified value. Note that this command can stop actor values from functioning correctly (e.g. health may not naturally restore for the target) - it is recommended that you use the RestoreActorValue and DamageActorValue commands to avoid problems.


forceav [actor value id] [value] Target Command

Actor Value IDThe ID of the actor value you wish to forcefully change the value of.
ValueThe value to set the actor value to.


forceav Confidence 5

This command would force the "Confidence" actor value to 5 for your currently selected target.

player.forceav Confidence 5

Instead of forcing the value of confidence to 5 for your target, as this example uses the command 'player.forceav', your character's confidence value would be forcefully changed to 5.