Skyrim Equipspell Command

General Information

This command makes your currently selected target equip the spell, shout, potion effect or power with the specified ID. To make your character equip a spell, use the command 'player.equipspell'.


equipspell [spell id] [left / right / voice / instant] Target Command

Spell IDThe ID of the spell, shout, potion or power you wish to equip.
Left / Right / Voice / InstantThis argument specifies where the spell should be equipped to. Options:
  • left - left hand
  • right - right hand
  • voice - if the spell is a shout and not equipped to either hand
  • instant - if the spell is a potion effect or power


equipspell 0006A104 left

The spell ID for Arniel's Convection is 0006A104. This command would equip the spell to your currently selected target's left hand.

equipspell 0006A104 right

This cheat is very similar to the first example, but as the 'right' argument is specified, the spell is equipped to the right hand of your target.

player.equipspell 0006A104 right

Similar to the first and second examples, but as the command 'player.equipspell' is used, your character equips the spell instead of your target.

equipspell 00013E22 shout

The spell ID for the Fus word from Fus Ro Dah is 00013E22. This command equips Fus to the target you currently have selected.