Skyrim Equipitem Command

General Information

This command equips the item with the specified ID to your target, provided they have the item in their inventory already. See argument information for customization options. Use 'player.equipitem' to apply the effects of this command to your character. For item codes, see item ids.


equipitem [item id] [options] Target Command

Item IDThe item ID of the item you wish to make your target equip. They must have this item in their inventory (you can use the additem command for this). See our item ID list for item codes.
OptionsOptional. Specify (without quotes) 'left' to equip item in left hand or 'right' to equip in right hand. If you specify a '1' here (without quotes), the item will be permanently equipped and can only be removed via commands.


equipitem 0010AA19

The item id for Silver Sword is 0010AA19. This command would equip a Silver Sword for the target you currently have selected, provided they have a Silver Sword in their inventory.

equipitem 0010AA19 right

This cheat does the same as the first example, but as the 'right' argument has been specified, the sword would be equipped in the right hand.