Skyrim Enableplayercontrols Command

General Information

This command executed without arguments can be used to fix bugs/glitches with your game controls. See argument information and help for advanced usage.


enableplayercontrols [movement] [combat] [first person] [looking] [sneaking] [menu] [activate] [journal tabs] [perspective type]

MovementOptional. 1 to enable movement, 0 to disable.
CombatOptional. 1 to enable combat, 0 to disable.
First PersonOptional. 1 to enable first person perspective, 0 to disable.
LookingOptional. 1 to enable looking, 0 to disable.
SneakingOptional. 1 to enable sneaking, 0 to disable.
MenuOptional. 1 to enable the menu, 0 to disable.
ActivateOptional. 1 to enable activate, 0 to disable.
Journal TabsOptional. 1 to enable journal tabs, 0 to disable.
Perspective TypeOptional. Either 0 or 1 - your desired POV type.



The default way to execute this command - this will enable all controls for your player.

enableplayercontrols 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

The above command would do the same as 'enableplayercontrols' - this enables all player control settings.